As a spoken word podcast junkie, I've decided to showcase some of my favourite podcasts on this blog.

When I mentioned this to somebody, they asked, "Why would you want to promote the competition?" Well, the short answer is if I can turn people on to podcasts that I enjoy, then hopefully I can inspire them to get into the habit of listening to spoken word podcasts in general. This, in turn, can only help nurture an audience for Cinephobia Radio . So you see, I don't see it as 'promoting the competition.' I see it 'promoting the practise of seeking out great film podcasts!'

And more importantly, I stumble upon a lot of killer podcasts that I'm convinced would be of great interest to my fellow Cinephobiacs but it's just so bloody difficult to get most of them to listen! Not because they're slackers but because there's so much stuff competing for our attention that it's tricky to convince people to check them out. And truthfully, a lot of the podcasts are a complete waste of time so it takes a bit of work to sift through the muck.

So with that in mind, the podcasts I'll feature on this blog will represent the very best of the shows I listen to. Think of me as a quality control filter! And please, if there's any great film podcasts you think I should know about, alert me to them. I'm always on the look-out for great interviews and discussions so feel free to drop me a line at with your suggestions.

But for the very first Cinephobia-Approved Podcast, I'm going to be completely brazen and a shameless self promoter (although I'm pleading 'Guilty with an Explanation!') by nominating a recent episode of Dead Pit Radio featuring an interview with yours truly.

For the uninitiated, Dead Pit Radio was started in the fall of 2005 by a couple of young, horror fantatics from Eastern Kentucky who go by the names of 'The Creepy Kentuckian' and 'Uncle Bill.' The first time I tuned into them, I was completely thrown by their hardcore hillbilly accents. My first thought was, 'Who the fuck are these Chones?' But I gave them a chance and it wasn't long until I became a devoted fan.

First of all, these guys have to be commended for coming out of nowhere and creating a show that's massively popular with horror fans all over the world. They've inspired and influenced a ton of other horror podcasts in their wake. As testament to this cult status, there's a documentary coming out about them entitled Into The Pit: The Shocking Story of Dead Pit Radio.

They're the self-described 'innovators' of horror talk radio and in truth, they deserve the title. These hillbilly 'horror-ologists' have created a format that was an instant hit with fans. The first part of their show features the 'Horror News' and provides timely updates on the many goings-on in the world of horror. This is followed by the 'Interview Portion' which is the real highlight of the show. They'll often dig up little known horror celebrities (A memorable instance would include Steve Dash who played Jason in Friday the 13th Part 2)  for interviews that can last up to an hour. What emerges is a litany of incredible anecdotes, in large part due to their interviewing style. They're not interrogators. They're laid-back, attentive and irreverent Southerners who allow their subjects to speak at length, invariably yielding intimate and revealing responses.

And they don't just highlight obscure figures in the genre. They get some of the big names as well. Their hour long interview with film legend John Carpenter is not only the best interview they've perhaps ever done, it's the best interview I've ever heard with the man, full-stop. But it's the third part of the show that's probably the reason they've become so popular. The 'Call-In' portion illustrates how much fans crave and appreciate having a forum like this to freely express themselves.

But beyond a successful format, it's their hardcore committment and dedication to the show that prevails. In almost five years, they've hardly ever missed a week (without a damned good excuse, that is!) and along with their weekly show, they offer a mid-week MySpace Show, a YouTube Channel featuring 'On The Road' reviews, a Saturday night talk show on BlogTV and numerous, alternate 'drunken' commentaries available to download on their Website for a small fee.

In other words, these guys don't have a life outside of their freakin' show!

So it was a great honour to be the featured interview on a recent episode and I think it was possibly the very first Liverpudlian-Canadian / Eastern Kentuckian 'horror summit' in radio history!

You can stream the show here:
Or you can 'right click' on this link to download the show to your harddrive:

Until next time.

Viddy well.

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