Thank you for popping into this little corner of cyber space for the first Cinephobia Radio web log. That’s right. I said ‘web log.’ You see, I hate the word ‘blog’ and I refuse to use it! (Oops! I just did, didn’t I? Goddamn it….)


But before we begin, I have to explain something about the collage that’s at the top of this site. It's been brought to my attention that a few folks are alarmed and/or possibly offended by our decision to include a symbol that for many around the world, represents one of the most repressive, genocidal state regimes in human history. I assure you, our decision to include this symbol in no way endorses the atrocities inflicted upon mankind at the hands of that particular nation. So please, for the love of all that is sacred, don’t let the flag that Michael Moore's holding upset you inordinately. Understand that we’re big fans of his films and it was important to us that he be represented in the collage.


With that aside, I want to say a few things about the inspiration for the show. For some time, I tossed around the idea that if I was going to launch a film podcast and throw my voice out into the sprawling, over-saturated, mad world of the internet, that it would be a shrewd business move to narrow my focus and zero in on a particular genre or even sub-genre. In that sense, there’d be a ready-made potential audience waiting. For a number of years now, I've been a spoken word contributor to Rue Morgue Radio (Rue Morgue Magazine’s online podcast) so I’d feel very much at home dedicating this show exclusively to the horror genre, or even possibly to the much wider umbrella of genre and cult film in general. And likewise, for the past few years on CKLN radio, I've covered a lot of documentary films, a genre so endlessly interesting that it would be very easy to dedicate this show exclusively there. But the truth is, I have a wide interest in cinema in almost all its forms and manifestations; from silent films, classical Hollywood cinema, European art films, gangster movies, musicals, British 'Angry Young Man' films and even experimental films (if only for the hilarious capsule reviews that pop up in experimental film and video festival program guides!)


So at the risk of alienating a more narrowly focused demographic, I've decided to keep Cinephobia Radio a completely open concept. If there’s a ready made audience for this show, then it’s eclectic film lovers and like-minded brothers and sisters who not only find beauty in the likes of Akira Kurosawa’s Ikiru and Norman McLaren's Pas De Deux but in H. G. Lewis's Blood Feast and Peter Jackson’s Meet The Feebles too.  So join me each week as we slide down the cinematic rabbit hole with in-depth interviews, reviews, discussions, giveaways and the occasional Gilbert and Sullivan inspired song and dance number.


Finally, I want to thank a few people and organizations for helping make Cinephobia Radio a possibility: CKLN 88.1 FM, Rue Morgue Radio, Suspect Video, Jesse and John Kristensen, Susan Stafford, Nicola Bendrey, Beryl and Stuart Morton, Sam Carboni, Gary Pullin, Rodrigo Gudiño, Luis Ceriz, John Cowdery and last but certainly not least, Craig Clark, the official Cinephobia Minister of Propaganda, without whom this site would not exist.


So until we meet again, viddy well my brothers and sisters.

Viddy well!


:- Stuart Feedback Andrews