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Despite the hype, Claudio Fragasso's 1989 Italian fantasy horror Troll 2 is definitely NOT the worst movie ever made. It's too bonkers, too berzerk, too 'accidentally' entertaining to deserve such peculiar praise. But there can be no debate about it  - Troll 2 is a craptacular jaw-dropper of the highest calibre!

Virtually ignored upon its 'straight to video' release in the early nineties, time has been kind to Fragasso's disasterpiece. In recent years, a legion of dedicated and even rabid fans have rediscovered the perverse pleasures of Troll 2, elevating this odd obscurity to bonafide cult film royalty.

To paraphrase one of the fans interviewed for Best Worst Movie (the definitive documentary about Fragasso's infamous flop), it's like aliens studied our planet then tried to make a movie they figured us puny humans would enjoy. But as delicious as Troll 2 may be, the documentary is even more delectable. Loaded with unforgettable characters and mind boggling situations of the most absurd variety, Best Worst Movie is one of those rare, delightful docs that was a lifetime in the making - but was well worth the wait.

On this episode, Michael Stephenson, the former child star of Troll 2 and the director of Best Worst Movie, subjects himself to a full-blown Cinephobia Radio interrogation.

So slooshy well, my little vegetarian hobgoblins.

Slooshy well!


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